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Work Friends Benefits

One of my coworkers gave me her broccoli cheese soup recipe.

Behold! The glory of Cheez-Whiz.


Oh, Arby’s…

I think that Arby’s is trying to capture my heart.

They are brilliant for offering these items, even if only for a limited time. (I think they should have them on the menu permanently, just sayin’.)

Work It.

Every so often, I will break the cycle of bringing lunch to work and treat myself to something from a nearby restaurant.

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have food trucks come to work at lunch time.

Non-home originating lunches are a beauuuutiful thing!


Clockwise: 1, 2, and 3 are from my favorite Mediterranean Restaurant, Mr. Gyro. Gyros and Gyro Platter

4 is from the Patty Matters Food Truck. Gobblin’ Gouda (with beef instead of turkey) and potato bombs.

5 (top left) is from #1 Chinese Food. Chicken and Snow Peas, my fave!