I Heart Jonny B’z

My favorite burger joint in town is Jonny B’z.

Here are some visuals of all the loveliness contained within their walls.



Work It.

Every so often, I will break the cycle of bringing lunch to work and treat myself to something from a nearby restaurant.

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have food trucks come to work at lunch time.

Non-home originating lunches are a beauuuutiful thing!


Clockwise: 1, 2, and 3 are from my favorite Mediterranean Restaurant, Mr. Gyro. Gyros and Gyro Platter

4 is from the Patty Matters Food Truck. Gobblin’ Gouda (with beef instead of turkey) and potato bombs.

5 (top left) is from #1 Chinese Food. Chicken and Snow Peas, my fave!

Easy Dinner Idea

You will need:

1 package frozen meatballs (meat type/flavor of your choice)

1 package frozen potatoes (diced or some larger-type chunks work best)

Chopped onion to taste, if desired.


Fry the ingredients together in a large skillet using olive oil to keep food from sticking to the pan if need be.

We like Aidell’s meatballs. They have many different types and flavors, and we’ve yet to find one we didn’t like.

2017-04-25 18.16.02

In Case You Haven’t Heard…

The Instant Pot is pretty amazing.

Though, I haven’t experimented with crazy-elaborate recipes yet, I really like being able to make a pork roast in an hour.

Some photos:

Small photo 1: Right after releasing pressure, post-cooking

Small photo 2: Look how tender!

Small photo 3: To add veggies, de-pressurize the Instant Pot about 10 minutes prior to the meat being done, add your veggies, reseal, and continue cooking about 5-10 minutes, until the meat’s done.